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Passive Solar Simplied: Easily design a truly green home for Colorado and the West book cover by green architect Thomas Doerr

Alitheia Press is delighted to be the publisher of the second edition of Thomas Doerr‘s book:

Passive Solar Simplified
Easily design a truly green home
for Colorado and the West

Save $, your health & the planet

Passive Solar Simplified teaches everything you need to know about passive solar house design for the western states, without unnecessary information and complicated formulas. You will easily learn what you need to know to save over 80% of your heating and cooling bills, improve your health, and tread more lightly on the planet.

“Why wouldn’t you want a passive solar house? This book thoroughly explores one of the simplest and most powerful ideas in the world.”
~Bill McKibben, founder 350.org

Readers will find out:

  • What passive solar design is and how it will save them money.
  • How passive solar will ensure their comfort and health.
  • The three key passive solar systems and when to use them.
  • The most effective and easy to use green building strategies.
  • How to apply these systems and strategies, simply, and effectively.

This second edition includes a Cheat Sheet to make it even easier for you to design a truly green house.

Passive Solar Simplified covers the three key types of passive solar systems: direct gain, thermal storage walls, and sunspaces. It also covers the passive solar design strategies: proper building orientation, solar shading, thermal mass, glass, daylighting, room arrangement, and ventilation. All this, plus the other important green building strategies, including insulation, air-sealing, and photovoltaics (PV) for new homes and remodels.

Thomas Doerr’s “new book, Passive Solar Simplified, (Alitheia Press) reveals how to apply these systems to easily design a green home in Colorado and the West.”
~Kelsey Fowler, Denver Post

Passive solar design is simply not that complicated. You do not need a degree in physics to understand and apply this knowledge successfully. This little book was written for both laypersons and architects. It is not a complicated treatise on exotic theories of passive solar with byzantine formulas. Instead, this book is a straightforward and concise, yet complete guide to the tried and true passive solar methods that will save you energy with a truly green home.

TV interview of green Colorado architect Thomas Doerr

CBS TV interview of architect Thomas Doerr

Pages: 115
ISBN: 1452856575
EAN-13: 978-1452856575
Library of Congress Control Number: 2010907190

Also available as a Kindle e-book

Passive Solar Simplified is a really great book, lots of information on how you can make some simple changes to really affect your home energy use.”
~Meaghan Wallace, KREX CBS TV

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